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Are Broach bouquets “in”?


Are broach bouquets "in"? They look so pretty depending where you find them. Only thing is, they are expensive.

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How do I get my girlfriends off my back?


I just got engaged and already some of my friends are bugging me to see who’s going to be in the bridal party. I know they mean well and are just excited to be involved, but my fiancé and I haven’t figured out a date and venue yet, let alone our final count on bridesmaids and groomsmen. How do I get my girlfriends off my back? When do I have to decide the wedding party by, and is there an ideal number of people to ask?

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How can I honor my parent’s anniversary at my wedding?


My parents are such an inspiration to me! They will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary close to my wedding date, and I’d love to honor them in some way. Any ideas?

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Do I have to give my single friends a plus one?


Dear PB Pro, My fiancé and I are planning a wedding on a strict budget. While we don’t want to be tacky or rude, we just don’t know if we...

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What are the basics in mother-of-the-bride fashion etiquette?


Dear PB Pro, My mom is stressing out about finally being a mother-of-the-bride. Mainly what to wear and how or if she should coordinate with my fiancé’s mom and my stepmom. What are the basics in mother-of-the-bride fashion etiquette? I love my mom to pieces and want to make this as easy as possible for her! – Love My Mother-of-the-Bride

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Where do you draw the line on who to invite?


Dear PB Pro, Where do you draw the line on which friends to invite to your wedding? There are some friends I only see at group parties, others I only see at Christmas, and a few who I was super close with during grade school and high school, but we’ve since drifted. I enjoy having these people in my life in their own way, but the guest list is starting to really add up. Help!

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I Want the Badger Fight Song in my Wedding!


Dear PB Pro, My fiancé and I are both alums of the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and huge sports fans. We’re even having Wisconsin Badger colors for our wedding! I want the Badger fight song to play at some point during the night — when’s the best time to do it?  Sincerely, Badger Bride

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I want both Fathers in my wedding!


Dear PB Pro, I have two wonderful fathers in my life, and I want both of them to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. The problem is the aisle at our venue just isn’t wide enough for us all to go down together. How do I make it work with two dads and one narrow aisle? -- Fathers of the Bride

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How do we let our guests know this isn’t a typical reception?


Dear PB Pro, My fiancé and I don’t want a full-on wedding reception. Not only could we not afford it, it’s just not our style. We would, however, like to have some sort of more casual party following the ceremony. How do we let guests know that this won’t be your typical reception with a sit-down dinner, DJ, etc.? –- Keeping it casual

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Do I need contracts from all of my wedding vendors?


Dear PB Pro, My best friend is an event coordinator. She said she would coordinate my wedding at half her normal rate. My fiancé says I need to get this in writing, but I feel weird asking a friend for a contract. Help? -- Mixing Friends & Business

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My groom has no fashion sense – what do I do?


Dear PB Pro, My fiancee is a sweetheart, but he doesn't know the first thing about fashion. He keeps talking about seeing me in a full ball gown and tiara on our wedding day. There's no way I'm wearing a tiara and full ball gown. Tiaras are so not me, and I'm short and petite — I drown in ball gowns! I found my dream dress recently — much more form-fitting and romantic. But my fiancee keeps bringing up this ball gown vision he has. I feel bad! I don't want to disappoint him, but he just doesn't get that the princess look doesn't work for me. How do I handle this? -- Dress Stress

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My vision + Mom’s money — whose wedding is it anyway?


Dear PB Pro, I know she means well, but my mom keeps injecting her vision into my wedding plans. She's always pictured a big, traditional, white wedding for me — but that's just not me. I want something small, intimate, and a little off-beat. The problem is my mom is paying for everything, so I don't know where to draw the line between her wishes and my own. It's my day... But it's her money! What's a bride to do? -- Mom's Money

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