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Amanda & Sema’s Sunday Brunch Wedding at the Seven Seas


For their Sunday afternoon wedding, Amanda and Sema decided to keep things beautifully simple. “We didn’t want our wedding to be a big party. We wanted it to be small and intimate. Sunday brunch was just perfect for what we had in mind!”

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Amber & Mike’s Wintry Wedding at the Delafield Hotel


From hosting the ceremony and reception, catering everything from the cocktail hour to cake, and providing a gorgeous backdrop for photos, the Delafield Hotel made Mike and Amber's winter wedding a classy affair from start to finish.

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Bridget & Kyle’s Elegant Wedding at the Delafield Hotel


With incredible service, delicious catering, a charming classic-contemporary venue, and a luxurious hotel stay, Bridget and Kyle's Lake Country wedding at the Delafield Hotel turned out to be everything they dreamed and more.

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Shelby & Cole’s Classy, Classic Wedding at Pano’s in Brookfield


Shelby and Cole met through a mutual friend and have been together for 10 years. One Christmas, Shelby had gone to Florida to spend the holiday with her grandmother, and after a chaotic day traveling home, Cole and Shelby’s parents met her at the airport. Cole told Shelby, prior to her return home, that he...

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Savannah & Michael’s Romantic Lake Country Wedding at the Delafield Hotel


Through meticulous planning, a unique vision, and the help of wonderful vendors, Savannah and Michael celebrated their love with a wedding that went beyond their dreams.

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Brooke & Steven’s College-Themed Wedding at Tuscan Hall


When sorority sister Brooke met fraternity fella Steven at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, little did they know that, years later, they'd be planning a fun-filled wedding chockfull of Whitewater pride.

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Bethany & Bob’s Fun-Filled and Heartfelt Wedding at the Marriott West


From a sentimental ceremony and a bridal party trolley to the Marriott’s royal treatment and a T-Rex mascot, Bethany and Bob's wedding reflected family ties and a fun-loving spirit.

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Sarah & Daryl’s Travel-Themed Wedding at the Milwaukee Marriott West


Sarah (from Slinger, Wisconsin) and Daryl (from Liverpool, England) met in the summer of 2011 while they were camp counselors in Pennsylvania. Sarah, the camp nurse, caught Daryl’s eye the first day of camp, and he kept thinking up excuses like knee pain or allergies to come see her. By the end of the summer,...

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Sarah & Mike’s Halloween Masquerade Wedding at Olympia Resort


Sarah and Mike met at a bar in 2006 while they were both out with friends. Mike asked for Sarah’s number, and the two were pretty much together from that moment on. Mike proposed on Halloween in 2014. “We had decided to go as Lucy and Ricky,” Sarah remembers. “Me and my parents went to...

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Elissa and Kevin’s Classic Wedding at the Country Springs


Elissa and Kevin’s story is like something from a movie. They grew up in the same small town of Merton, Wisconsin, where they met at Merton Elementary. “We were both members of the 7th and 8th grade choir,” Elissa remembers. They sat right across the room from each other. “Kevin was the typical 8th grade...

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Cathy & Brandon’s Movie-themed Fall Wedding


Cathy and Brandon met at their best friends’ wedding, Cathy a bridesmaid and Brandon a guest. Cathy was actually filling in for a bridesmaid: Brandon’s ex-girlfriend. “Once Brandon’s friends found out which bridesmaid replaced his ex, they encouraged him to ask me dance,” Cathy says. “He asked me for the second-to-last dance of the night...

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Chris & Val’s Fun, Offbeat Bennett Barn Wedding


Val is Milwaukee born and raised, but her now-husband Chris had a bit of a trek to get here. He was born in Minnesota, went to UW-Madison for undergrad, and did grad school in Oregon before being offered a job in Milwaukee. Luckily, e-harmony brought the two together. On the night Chris proposed, he suggested...

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