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Tessa & Dallas’ Enchanted Bohemian Wedding at the Farm at Dover


From LEGO boutonnieres to a polaroid booth to a groom-curated playlist, Tessa and Dallas' wedding was every inch their own.

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Kaitlyn & Matthew’s Rustic Country Wedding at Terrace 167


Kaitlyn and Matthew’s families had been friends for years before the two of them got together. Matthew proposed to Kaitlyn at the pub his family owns. “Matthew had his best friend call me over to the bar to tell me how they were switching soda products from Pepsi to Coca-Cola,” Kaitlyn says.” The friend claimed...

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Jacqueline & Mark’s Magical Outdoor Wedding at West Bend Country Club


Jacqueline and Mark’s road to “I do” spans decades. The two started dating when they were teenagers, after being introduced under a trio of birch trees at Jacqueline’s parents’ lake house on Silver Lake, back in 1976. “We were engaged when I was 19,” Jacqueline says, but the two youngsters ended up going their separate...

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Kristina & Mark’s Simply Elegant Wedding at the Schauer Arts Center


Kristina from Janesville and Mark from Wind Lake met at a Brewers game with mutual friends. “I was supposed to work, but my boss told me to go have some fun,” Kristina says. “Mark sat next to me and he didn’t leave my side that whole game! It was fate.” The two got engaged on...

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Autumn Wedding Inspiration at The Landing 1841


As the air grows cold, autumn colors warm up the scene for this fall photo shoot at The Landing 1841, orchestrated by the talented duo at Better Together Photography. The bride dons a gorgeous Bucci’s Bridal gown with long lace sleeves — the perfect answer to a brisk October night. Wool blankets lay in wait...

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Sarah & Mike’s Halloween Masquerade Wedding at Olympia Resort


Sarah and Mike met at a bar in 2006 while they were both out with friends. Mike asked for Sarah’s number, and the two were pretty much together from that moment on. Mike proposed on Halloween in 2014. “We had decided to go as Lucy and Ricky,” Sarah remembers. “Me and my parents went to...

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Cathy & Brandon’s Movie-themed Fall Wedding


Cathy and Brandon met at their best friends’ wedding, Cathy a bridesmaid and Brandon a guest. Cathy was actually filling in for a bridesmaid: Brandon’s ex-girlfriend. “Once Brandon’s friends found out which bridesmaid replaced his ex, they encouraged him to ask me dance,” Cathy says. “He asked me for the second-to-last dance of the night...

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