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Andy & Brian’s Laid-Back, Vintage-Style Wedding at Lakewood Farms


Andy (short for Andrealyn) from San Francisco and Brian from Chicago met via their mutual friend Chris in August of 2012. Several months later, at Chris’ wedding, the two met again and went on their first date the very next day. In June of 2016, Brian asked for Andy’s hand in marriage on the eighth...

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Kelly & Ben’s Lakeside Wedding at the Geneva National


Ben from Beloit, Wisconsin and Kelly from Johnsburg, Illinois met in 2012 when Kelly moved to Chicago, and they’ve been together ever since. When Ben proposed, he planned a whole night out, taking Kelly to some of their favorite spots in the city. At each location, there was a card and rose waiting for her....

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Sarah & John’s Rustic Vintage Wedding in Lake Geneva


Sarah and John met years back at John’s brother’s birthday party. Sarah spotted John from across the room and finally worked up the courage to chat with him. “I put on my charm, batted my eyes, and coyly asked him if he’d be my knight in shining armor,” she says. “His response was to give...

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Elissa and Kevin’s Classic Wedding at the Country Springs


Elissa and Kevin’s story is like something from a movie. They grew up in the same small town of Merton, Wisconsin, where they met at Merton Elementary. “We were both members of the 7th and 8th grade choir,” Elissa remembers. They sat right across the room from each other. “Kevin was the typical 8th grade...

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Chris & Val’s Fun, Offbeat Bennett Barn Wedding


Val is Milwaukee born and raised, but her now-husband Chris had a bit of a trek to get here. He was born in Minnesota, went to UW-Madison for undergrad, and did grad school in Oregon before being offered a job in Milwaukee. Luckily, e-harmony brought the two together. On the night Chris proposed, he suggested...

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