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Karissa and Jeremy marry at the Golden Mast in Okauchee Wisconsin

Karissa & Jeremy’s Okauchee Wedding at the Golden Mast Inn


Jeremy and Karissa hosted their lake country wedding at the Golden Mast Inn on Okauchee Lake to make their wedding dreams come true.

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Sam Dekker and Olivia Harlan Bring the Romance Home to Wisconsin


Olivia Harlan has married her rightful partner, Sam Dekker. You may recognize Sam as Wisconsin’s 2012 “Mr. Basketball”, a second team All American for the Wisconsin Badgers team that advanced to the 2015 NCAA National Championship game, and currently a forward in the NBA for the Washington Wizards. Combined the two make quite a team, and together they planned a wedding of which dreams are made. If Midwestern elegance is a wedding theme, these two showed us how it’s done.

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Jacqueline & Mark’s Magical Outdoor Wedding at West Bend Country Club


Jacqueline and Mark’s road to “I do” spans decades. The two started dating when they were teenagers, after being introduced under a trio of birch trees at Jacqueline’s parents’ lake house on Silver Lake, back in 1976. “We were engaged when I was 19,” Jacqueline says, but the two youngsters ended up going their separate...

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Celina & Nick’s Romantic, Heartfelt Wedding at Hawk’s View


Nick and Celina met at Carroll University, where they both attended college. Though they were friends through the years, the two didn’t start dating until after they’d both graduated and reconnected while visiting a mutual friend in LA. The couple got engaged in their home — a surprise to Celina. Though they had talked about...

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Sarah and Chad’s Blue-Sky Summer Wedding at the Geneva National


Sarah and Chad, both from Woodstock, Illinois, were in the same class in middle school and high school. “We always ran into each other through mutual friends, but it wasn’t until after college that a close friend played matchmaker and set us up on a date.” Many dates then led to Chad asking Sarah to...

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Ashley & Greg’s Rustic-Glam DIY Wedding at Hawk’s View


From hand painting 1,500 rose petals to learning a choreographed first dance, Ashley and Greg went above and beyond to celebrate their marriage with the wedding of their dreams.

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Sarah & John’s Rustic Vintage Wedding in Lake Geneva


Sarah and John met years back at John’s brother’s birthday party. Sarah spotted John from across the room and finally worked up the courage to chat with him. “I put on my charm, batted my eyes, and coyly asked him if he’d be my knight in shining armor,” she says. “His response was to give...

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