Wisconsin and Milwaukee Wedding Vendors, Photographers and Videographers

Wedding Photographers & Videographers in Milwaukee and South-East Wisconsin


Planning your wedding with 9 local wedding photographer and videographers in Milwaukee and South-East Wisconsin!

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Everyone Has a Story for Video

Your Moving Memories


Videography captures the drama and motion of your wedding, allowing you and your loved ones the chance to relive your happiest moments forever.

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Questions to ask your wedding videographer

Ask the Right Questions – Videography


No bride or groom has ever regretted hiring a wedding videographer to document their day. Although one of the bigger ticket wedding costs, it can also be considered your best...

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Four ways to incorporate video into your wedding plans

4 Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Wedding Plans


There’s just something about seeing the morning of, ceremony, and reception in action. It’s a chance to relive those moments in motion — but there are other ways to use video in your wedding and wedding planning, too. Here are four such ways.

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wedding video

Preserve Your Day In Living, Moving Color


What’s a common complaint of brides and grooms? “It all went so fast!” Investing in a high quality wedding video lets you revisit the sights and sounds of your special...

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Why a Wedding Video is SO Important!


What’s the biggest regret we hear from our Milwaukee Wedding Couples after their wedding?  “We wish we had invested in a professional videographer!”  Whether it wasn’t deemed important before the...

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Wedding Video Trends in Milwaukee – Should I?


What’s a common complaint we hear from our Milwaukee brides and grooms after their wedding? “It all went so fast!” Investing in a high quality wedding video lets you revisit...

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