Milwaukee and Wisconsin Wedding Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Host the most amazing bachelorette parties or bachelor parties in Southeast Wisconsin with the help of these amazing vendors!

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The bachelorette and bachelor party are such a fun part of the wedding experience. You are able to get together with your closest friends before the wedding and focus on your relationship with them! We want to help you throw the best party in Milwaukee with these great vendors!

Deciding on what to do to celebrate can be difficult. Focus on what the bride or groom loves to do and go from there. Think of activities that they already love or something they’ve always wanted to try. Plan for things like location and how much time all the guests have to celebrate. Traditionally, bachelorette and bachelor parties are hosted one to four months before the big day! Make sure the entire wedding party can attend as well as the bride or groom’s closest friends and family that aren’t in the party.

Stay local for your celebrations with these activities like wine tasting, Milwaukee tours, or a day on the water! You can plan around a venue or a theme. You could even fill a weekend with non-stop fun! No matter which you choose, enjoy the company of your friends and the fun of these parties!