Milwaukee and Wisconsin Wedding Overnight Accommodations and Honeymoon Suites

Overnight accommodations are an important detail of helping your guests enjoy the wedding! Explore the best places for them to stay in Southeast Wisconsin!

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Are you looking for a good place to have your wedding party and guests stay during your Milwaukee area wedding? We can help! Before you connect with the place that’s best for you, check them out on Premier Bride Milwaukee. There are a few things to consider when you are choosing the perfect overnight accommodations.

First, location is important! The closer to the venue, normally is better. Avoid long drives or the potential for out of town guests getting lost by keeping the venue close by. You can also watch out for locations that offer shuttles to and from your reception venue to make it even easier for your guests! This also ensures that everyone gets back safe.

Next, availability is super important! Between actually having enough rooms to fit anyone who needs a spot, and having blocks for your wedding guests is important! Hotels will often reserve a block of rooms for you to make sure everyone gets a spot if they want one. You can also look at the type of rooms availability so guests can choose to share a room or not.

Finally, the details matter! Ask about amenities for your guests like TV, internet, and parking! They may even have options for welcome packages for your wedding guests!

No matter which details matter to you, find the perfect fit with Premier Bride Milwaukee!