Milwaukee and Wisconsin Wedding Bartending Services

Milwaukee area wedding bartending services at your fingertips! Get a bar keeping team with the help of Premier Bride Milwaukee!

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Have you found a wedding venue that you need to hire your own bartender for? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Get to know the services in Southeast Wisconsin with our help! We know the experts in the area to keep the drinks flowing all night, from coffee to after dinner drinks!

There are a few things you should consider when looking for a wedding bartender if you need to find one. First, think about your cocktail needs. You might be having a fully open bar or maybe you just need someone to serve wine and beer behind the counter. Decide what you would like to serve before talking to a bartender!

Next, consider how many guests you are having! The number of guests at your wedding will determine how many bartenders you will need! This is also a good time to keep your wedding schedule in mind. If you need drinks during a cocktail hour or just after the ceremony, keep your bartender in the loop!

Finally, discuss the skills that your bartender will need! Are you thinking of a signature cocktail for the event? Get a good idea of what will be needed and how much time they take to prepare so that you can help the bartending service understand how they can best serve you!

No matter the wedding bartending services you choose, your bound to be pleased!