Milwaukee and Wisconsin Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations capture your theme, your colors, and your personality! Explore the decor professionals in Southeast Wisconsin with Premier Bride!

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There are many different ways that you can decorate your wedding space to make it uniquely yours! You can personalize each aspect of the ceremony and reception to show your personality as a couple.

In the ceremony space, look at how you can decorate the alter with things like an arch or floral arrangements. The aisles can be adorned with runners, markers, or garland. You can also use signage to be both informative and decorative during the ceremony!

Next, the reception is a part of the wedding you can really show off your style! From centerpieces to place settings, lighting and guest books, there are infinite possibilities to make it your own. Some of our favorite lighting options are marquee lights, bistro lights, tea lights, and floating candles!

Choosing your decor can be difficult but thinking about things like aesthetic, color palette, and venue can help narrow it down. Once you have those things narrowed down, start with the essentials! Then, move onto the smaller details. Finally, allow yourself to splurge on the extras that will really make your decorations pop! This will help you make easy work of the planning and really show your guests who you are!