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DJ's are a fun option for wedding entertainment! Meet the musicians in Southeast Wisconsin with the help of Premier Bride!

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A great DJ can really set the tone for your wedding! We want to help you find the best fit for your style and your music taste. This is someone who can get your entire guest list on the dance floor!

Wondering how to find the best DJ ‘s for you? Start with your venue! They might have a list of preferred DJs to work with who know their set up well. Once you’ve got it narrowed down, don’t hesitate to reach out to each DJ to set up an interview with them. Come up with a list of questions for them. Ask them about the equipment that have, their music library, and special packages like lighting. This is also a great opportunity to get to know them. Make sure you click with their personality before you are working with them leading up to the wedding!

The next step once you pick your perfect DJ is to get started on a playlist! Think about which songs you definitely want to hear during the reception. Also, which songs you definitely don’t want to hear. Think about which genres you and your partner jam out to the most and choose some favorite slow songs and favorite dance hits.

It will also be important to know what else your DJ can and will do for you! Think about announcements during the cocktail hour, dinner, or reception. The DJ will be useful for more than just music so make sure you know what you need!

No matter which of our amazing DJ’s you click with during the wedding planning process, make sure you let us know who you choose!