Milwaukee and Wisconsin Wedding Fireworks

Wedding fireworks are a fun way to show the fireworks you are feeling on your big day! Find vendors in Southeast Wisconsin using Premier Bride!

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Fireworks are truly synonymous with celebration and there is no bigger celebration than your wedding! Get connected with our favorite firework vendors in the greater Milwaukee area to plan out the show!

A firework display can add a truly magical touch to your wedding day, unlike almost any other entertainment you can get for your reception. They can act as a centerpiece to the dance or a finale to the perfect day. Either way, they are sure to be an attention grabber! You will probably even grab the attention of everyone nearby!

These bursts are an exciting end to the wedding and send off for the newlyweds. Make sure to keep the photographer around to capture photos of you during the display! You can include sparklers for your guests for an added effect and to get everyone involved. Make sure everything is cleared with your venue beforehand and be prepared to be wowed with the results.

We want to make sure you have the best experience working with someone to get fireworks for your wedding. That’s why we only work with the best vendors throughout Southeast Wisconsin!