Milwaukee and Wisconsin Wedding Gown Preservation and Restoration

Gown preservation and restoration services keep the memories in your gown alive for a long time. Find experts in the greater Milwaukee area here!

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Wedding gowns can be the most beautiful dress you will ever get the chance to wear. Even though it may only be for one day, you won’t want to part with it anytime soon. Having it preserved can ensure that the next time you pull it out, it looks just like it did on your big day. It may even look better! Having it restored after the festivities can bring it back to life no matter how crazy your day got.

Restoration and preservation of your wedding gown can do things like stop the yellowing of the fabric. It can help in preventing mold or mildew growth, and keep the fabric from creasing.

Once the preservation has been completed by one of Premier Bride Milwaukee’s trusted vendors in Southeast Wisconsin, make sure you are storing it correctly to keep it just as beautiful! Make sure the box stays air tight and it is stored in a cool, dark place. These tips will ensure that nothing happens to it until the next time you take it out to reminisce about your wedding!

We trust these Milwaukee area vendors with our dresses. Meet them before the big day so you are ready to pass off your dress after the event!