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Complete Weddings + Events – What happens when you put different combinations of your best friends and family members into a photo booth, give them goofy props and unlimited prints? Hilarious, heartwarming, silly, sweet strips of glossy evidence proving everyone had a blast at your event. Plus you’ll get a digital copy of every photo!

Why Rent a Photo Booth for Your Event?

Bring guests of all ages together as they delight in the opportunity to create something timeless. No matter their background, age, or idea of fun, your friends and loved ones will relish the chance to get in the booth. They are a perfect addition to weddings, holiday parties, school events, corporate events, birthdays, reunions, and the list goes on. Photo booths also elevate the experience at events that have kids or even an activity for non-dancers (or for those who need an enjoyable break)! Photo booths bring out the silly in people and those photos can’t be captured by a professional photographer.

Photo Strips

Each guest will get to walk away from your wedding with a personalized souvenir. Our photo booth prints with your own custom background are great (free!) items for your guests and will allow you to look back at your wedding day and see everyone who attended had a blast!

Booth Backdrops

We provide a variety of backdrop options that you can choose from, depending on your wedding colors! From tose gold to royal blue, we offer several options to match your color needs for any event in Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

Photo Scrapbook

Not only do your guests get a keepsake but you do as well in a scrapbook form! The photo booth operator will put together a scrapbook of all of the photo strips that were taken at the event! This way you’ll have an entire book of prints of your friends and family along with the digital photos on a USB drive.

Photo Booth Rental Milwaukee

When you opt to work with Complete Weddings + Events for your special day, you give yourself the room to relax and have fun. With our team on-site, the tiny details are covered – our photo booth attendants will ensure everything goes as planned. They’ll even create a one-of-a-kind scrapbook with photos from the evening for you to take home! Along with the unlimited copies of guest photos and digital copies sent directly to you, there’s no limit to the memories you can make.

Complete Weddings + Events in Milwaukee

Take the excitement level up a notch for your next special occasion by partnering with Complete Weddings + Events. In addition to our photo booth services, we offer photography, videography, and anything else you might need to create the event of your dreams. Learn more about our offerings and contact us to learn how we can help with your next event!

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