Bride and groom holds hands under the stars image by SB Photography and Design
Groom kisses bride on forehead | SB Photography and Design
Groom dips & kisses bride by fire-pit at night | SB Photography and Design
Bride and groom embrace in a grassy sunlit field | SB Photography and Design

SB Photography and Design

Wedding shoes posed by the Milwaukee Art Museum | SB Photography and Design

SB Photography and Design

Bride and groom in the city at night | SB Photography and Design
Bridesmaids in pale pink look at bride | SB Photography and Design
Wedding party cheering on the kissing wedding couple | SB Photography and Design
Beautiful bride poses in elegant room | SB Photography and Design
Beautiful bridal bouquet of cream roses and greenery | SB Photography and Design
Bride and groom both in classic cars gaze at each other | SB Photography and Design
Bride and groom at the end of an elegant hallway | SB Photography and Design
Bride and bridesmaids in Lambeau Field | SB Photography and Design

SB Photography and Design

Wedding gown hanging on green garage door | SB Photography and Design
Couple jump off pier hand in hand- Engagement Photo | SB Photography and Design
Bride & Groom kiss near a vintage red barn | SB Photography and Design

SB Photography and Design

Wedding reception fun on New Year's Eve | SB Photography and Design
Bride and groom dance at elegant estate | SB Photography and Design

SB Photography and Design

Bride and groom dance | SB Photography and Design
Wedding couple | SB Photography and Design
Bride and groom embrace with love sparklers illuminate the word LOVE | SB Photography and Design
Groom kisses bride forehead in the sunset | SB Photography and Design
Bride and groom pose in from of the entrance to the Milwaukee Art Museum | SB Photography and Design
Wedding couple embrace under the stars | SB Photography and Design
Engagement photo with couple in wagon with wedding date on it | SB Photography and Design

SB Photography & Design

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Mention Premier Bride to take $500 off our packages! * Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion.

Getting to share in the best day of someone’s life and capturing every single second of it is seriously the most incredible feeling in the world!

Take a peek at our website and you’ll see instantly a level of transparency that you’ve never experienced with any other vendor ( You’ll notice dedication to helping our couples every step of the way that truly does separate us from everyone else: from the most accurate tips ( to the best timelines ( to everything else you could possibly need to know, ( we’re here to take the stress out of planning your special day. We had a bride say she actually saved $1500 not hiring a wedding planner after spending a few hours on our page!

We’re a small, tight-knit family that realizes that life can happen so that’s why we grew from our two person team (to ensure we always have a backup photographer). Additionally, we feel that small businesses are always best as you can be competitive with each other and learn from others but staying small means our couples are getting the same boutique experience the day of and photos following that are shown on our website! Spend some time with us here:

Are you clicking from photographer to photographer, feeling more and more confused about who you should choose? Let me explain why this is happening… because most photographers only share their few favorite images from each wedding that they’ve edited for hours. Here’s the best research you can do… request FULL weddings from all of your favorite photographers (this will tell you everything you need to know; how well they shoot in all lighting conditions, how many images they give, if they capture a lot of candids, how naturally they pose, how well they edit all photos, and the list goes on!) and I promise, after you review everyone’s full weddings, we will stand apart from all the others. Enjoy our full weddings at the following link – choose whoever has the most amazing full weddings as this is truly the only way for you to know what will be delivered to you. 😍

All of our packages include: two incredible photographers (we have no “leads” and “assistants” because we believe in giving you two EQUALLY talented photographers and once you see our portfolios, you’ll be amazed that you get two of us!) a sneak peek, all images online in full resolution (P.S. – before you share your private link with your guests, feel free to “hide” any images) that your guests can download free without logo and with a print release, also, we send you a flash drive, and so much more. 💕

Our reviews will be the most heartfelt and real you’ll find! Did you know that 90% of wedding photographers REQUEST reviews? We do not so every review we receive is because our couples want to gush about us which makes us smile from ear to ear. 🥰 As you can see, we have the best couples out there! 🤗

Our couples truly mean everything to us and we’ll do anything for them. We are so excited to hear your beautiful love story and help you with all of your wedding day details. 😊

To view a recent wedding shot by SB Photography & Design click link below:

Rachel & Derrick’s Terrace 167 Wedding in Richfield, Wisconsin

To learn more about Boudoir see below:

Interview with Boudoir Experts | S.B. Photography & Design




Lauren & Josh

Lake Geneva

“SB Photography helped make my wedding dreams come true! I have no hesitation giving 5 stars for each of these categories. Sheryl was so quick to respond to every question I had with the upmost kindness and professionalism, and reached out to me when she needed to make sure everything would go the way I wanted. Both photographers (aka Taylor and Sheryl) were just magical in knowing when/where/how to get the perfect shots. The most amazing thing I rave about their service is that not only did I end up with flawless photos of myself and my husband, our bridal parties and families, we also got TONS of pictures of our guests both with and without us in them, posed and candid. This didn’t take at all away from the classic wedding pictures as we got more than enough of those, but having all these other pictures documenting ourselves and our guests throughout the night is something I’ve never seen done before to this level – and I’ve been to a lot of weddings!! On top of that, they give you all the digital copies without watermark so you can do whatever you please with them on social media, email to guests, print, etc. This increased the value by a million in my mind – and the price was already unbeatable!! We will cherish SB and our photos forever!!!”

Sarah & Preston


I spoke with quite a few photographers before talking to Sheryl at SB Photography, but after our one phone call I knew none of the other options measured up. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to hire them for my wedding day (which was May 11, 2019). If you’re considering a wedding photographer, do yourself a favor and give this incredible company a call. SB Photography has more than fair pricing, the team is incredibly knowledgeable, and our photographers worked hard to make sure they captured every detail (even asked us weeks prior to the wedding to make notes of what we wanted and referred to them all night as to not miss anything important to us). Not to mention, they’re friendly, responsive, and very easy to work with! We had the pleasure of working with Adam and Kara on our wedding day. What an amazing team they are!! My husband hates pictures and even he had a good time because Adam and Kara were just so fun and easy to get along with! They kept us laughing, making sure the wedding party was having a good time, and even though they were by our side all night capturing every detail they never seemed to be in the way. Their professionalism was incredible as well, because even though they felt like friends of ours by the end of the night they stayed on task and made sure they captured everything. I’d say they went above and beyond for us, but I truly think they are this incredible for every couple. I’ll never forget Kara sprinting across the driveway of the venue with her equipment flailing behind her to capture my little cousins doing something cute. Seeing how important every single detail was to them was incredible. I also let Kara know before the wedding started that I had a lot of anxiety and her and Adam both reassured me all night that everything was on time, running smoothly, and I could just take a breath. They were more than just photographers. They are truly wedding experts. Prior to the ceremony there was a bit of a hold up and I was panicked because I didn’t know what was going on. I asked Kara to look into it for me. She kindly asked my family members to find their seats (per my request), figured out why things were delayed, and calmly relayed the details to me. She had such a positive attitude and it really helped me get through the pre-ceremony jitters. Both Adam and Kara will hold a special place in our hearts forever, as they were such a huge part of making the day perfect. From hyping me up allll day and making me feel like an absolute queen to squealing over sunset pictures, we had the best time with them. Thank you SB Photography for all your hard work! To all the brides out there - hiring SB Photography is the right choice. I promise!

Kate and Nic

Fort Atkinson

Where do I even start?! I was so worried about finding an amazing photography company because I had a friend who paid so much for a photographer and they did a horrible job. They have such an important job capturing memories on a day that can never be done again.

When I found SB Photography, I liked the information on their website and Sheryl was so friendly and knowledgeable. We liked that they offered an engagement shoot with our package. I would recommend making sure to have that - we were so glad we did! We loved working with Will! And we got to work with Sheryl, who was so fun and helpful too! She even helped keep our dog, who was unusually spunky, under control while we were taking pictures. They made us feel comfortable, which was not an easy feat for people who don't like to be the center of attention and are not used to professional pictures. We had low expectations for the engagement pictures due to this, but they turned out so amazing!

Sheryl's organization and attention to detail blew me away. In addition to all the information on their website, they had created a worksheet for us to fill out regarding our wants during the wedding. What a great idea! Then, I had a consultation with her on the phone and she had so many great ideas for activities during the reception. She helped me organize a timeline, which was so valuable! It calmed me down so much to be so organized. I can't thank her enough!

I'll never forget the day of the wedding. Will and Katie got there on time and began working immediately. They had an emergency kit with everything you could need (and we did utilize this).

We had so much fun working with Katie and Will. They were amazing sports, working with us in the rain getting amazing pictures and staying on time. I pictured us standing around not sure about what poses to do, but they had so many great ideas, and when they showed us a couple, we were so excited!

We got a sneak peek of photos and are sooo excited to see more! I know they are going to be gorgeous! I write this review without even seeing our final pictures, because I have total confidence that we are going to LOVE them. We hope to see them again, and can't say thank you enough for capturing our special day and being a part of our precious memories!

So much value in SB Photography! We recommend them hands down!

Beau & Kristina


Kristina and I absolutely LOVE the photos! We've been slowly going through them on a slideshow on our TV, and the colors, details, and everything is amazing! We literally could not be happier with them! You and Xavier had such a smooth working relationship and worked together so well, yet both brought something so unique and imaginative to your shots (we actually, on some of the cool shots, were guessing which of you took it, or found the props, etc. 😊). You've already brought Kristina to tears on multiple occasions because she couldn't believe you were there to catch certain moments when we weren't even aware of your presence, and is just thrilled how beautiful she looks. We have no regrets whatsoever is selecting SB Photography to be with us that day. You all have been very professional, communicative, your editing is so great, and most importantly you just took so many wonderful photos. Being that we didn't do much for video, you are responsible for the vast majority of the memories we will have for the rest of our lives! We have some big plans with a lot of the photos, as I'm sure mother-in-law does as well, so soon they will be disbursed, and I'll be sure to let everyone know to upload in high resolution and tag you when possible. Again, we cannot thank you enough! Maybe we'll be in touch soon for some maternity or newborn photos! :)

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