Milwaukee and Wisconsin Wedding Spas and Med Spas

Wedding spas and med spas provide a relaxing experience before the big day. We can help you find the most relaxing spas in Southeast Wisconsin!

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Whether you are planning a full wedding prep starting the moment from your engagement or are just looking to treat yourself before the big day, we can help you find what you need!

If you are looking to pamper yourself leading up to your wedding so you can feel your best, try this timeline! First, start monthly massages and facials 6 months before your day. Then, 3 months before your wedding, start pedicure and manicure treatments to pick the styles you are going to want during the wedding. A month before your wedding, look into eye masks and microdermabrasion treatments. Finally, the week of your wedding, go all out! A full body wrap or scrub and a wax will have you glowing for the big day!

Wedding spas and med spas provide a lot of different options throughout the entire process! Make sure to connect with someone at one of our favorite spas to discuss what you are looking for. They will be able to direct you to which treatments will help you the most and how often you will need them to see results!

These spas are also great to feel pampered and de-stress during the craziness of wedding planning! Go ahead, treat yourself!