Meet the Team



Chief Executive Officer
“Ms. Particular”

I guess you could say I am a lady of many hats. I love to travel, but also stay at home and veg out. I love to experience new adventures and try new things, but I love living in my hometown. I love going out and getting fancy, but you can usually find me in sweats and a baseball hat. I love the summer, but love when winter comes and we get to head out to the mountains. I just want to do it all!
Best Part of Your Job: What don’t I love??? I get to work with some of the most amazing industry professionals, getting to see their creative minds come to life. I also work with some pretty bad @$$ ladies who take lady boss to a whole new level.
Work Space Décor: Joanna Gaines mixed with some Life in Jeneral (if you don’t follow them on Instagram you should, it’s an organizers dream). It’s also pretty common that I either have music playing or Friends on in the background.
Domestic Status: Married to my hotty of a hubby, with the most adorable son and beautiful baby girl who keep our lives exciting. And not to forget our sweet bear of a dog, Jordy. You can meet him below 😉
Theme Song: “Africa” by Toto. Kidding, that’s only my dream theme song (insert Dax Sheppard and Kristen Bell video here). Probably something more along the lines of “On the Floor” by JLo because it’s always a good idea to dance…that might be why I love weddings so much.
Happy Place: Somewhere in the sun with good friends and family and a cocktail in hand!
Guilty Pleasure: Going to Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Homegoods more often than I really should.
Favorite Wedding Movie: “Bridesmaids”


Marketing Operations Manager
“Life of the Room”

I have worked in the wedding and event industry for nearly 10 years. I’ve planted my roots where I was born and raised, in Lake Country with my husband, our two beautiful children and our goldendoodle, Marley. I’m an extrovert who loves being on the go, whether it’s camping with my family, golfing with my girls, or wondering around Target for some “me” time. I’m a coffee by morning, margarita by night kind of girl!.
Best Part of Your Job: Weddings, whether big or small are an ART! I love seeing real weddings come in and have the opportunity to chat with such a large variety of vendors. I REALLY love that I can help connect brides and grooms, with the people who can make their dreams come true for their big day.
Work Space Décor: Target. I love some good minimalist and magnolia vibes on a budget. Everything at my house is labeled and you might think I’m a little OCD (I probably am). But don’t be fooled because I am the only one who knows where things are on my messy desk.
Domestic Status: Married to my best friend. Sounds cheesy but it’s true! We have a wild toddler boy, a sweet baby girl, and the nicest doodle, Marley. I’ll let you decide who runs the house.
Theme Song: “Beautiful Crazy” by Lee Brice. This was actually our first dance song at our wedding.
Happy Place: A movie theater. I LOVE a good night out at the movies with popcorn and a diet coke, however I’ll never pass up a drink on the beach.
Guilty Pleasure: Online “shopping”. It’s where you browse your shopping apps, put things in your cart, and then never actually buy them. Who’s with me?!
Favorite Wedding Movie: Does “The Hangover” count?

Premier Bride Milwaukee | Jennifer


Creative Director
“Ambassador of All Things Digital”

After working for 8 years in an office, I decided to work out of my home and collect large dogs. I’ve worked on Premier Bride magazine for over 20 years and loved every minute of it. I love marrying the analytical and creative sides of the wedding market together.
Best Part of Your Job: I love seeing what people come up with for their weddings – love the new ideas and fun special touches people incorporated into their wedding ceremonies and receptions.
Work Space Décor: My home office is in the back of my house and looks out into my wooded backyard. I see deer, turkey, a stray cat and squirrels (armed with acorns) on a daily basis. Who could ask for more?
Domestic Status: I couldn’t stay single forever! After a long relationship, I’m finally married!
Theme Song: Can a theme song be a TV show theme? Because that TV is constantly on in my office – I hate quiet! Some rerun of Friends, Seinfeld or How I Met Your Mother is probably playing for the one millionth time!
Happy Place: My happy place is outside with my dogs. I love going to outdoor restaurants with them. When they’re happy, I’m happy. We go everywhere together. Helps that I love food too!
Guilty Pleasure: Coca Cola! I’m trying to cut back. But man, even hearing a soda can top pop makes my mouth water!! I blame my Mom. She never let me have soda as a kid. It’s all her fault!
Favorite Wedding Movie: “The Wedding Date”

Writer for Premier Bride Milwaukee, telling wedding stories and featured local blogs!


Writer/Content Creator
“Spirited Storyteller”

Best Part of Your Job: Bringing stories to life has been a lifelong passion of mine, whether it’ sharing how two people met, fell in love, and spent their special day or showcasing a venue’s best features.
Work Space Décor: My desks, both at home and at the office, are filled with color and character: cozy coffee mugs, books, framed art, photos of my darling nieces and nephews, pens and stationery, and various tchotchkes that make me happy.
Domestic Status: Single, baby! I’d love to find love one day.
Theme Song: A constant juggle among “Changes” by David Bowie, “Light of a Clear Blue Morning” by Dolly Parton, or “Save Tonight” by Eagle-Eye Cherry
Happy Place: Anywhere with my close friends, whether watching a movie at home, at a restaurant indulging in an incredible meal, or at a Marquette, Bucks or Brewers game.
Guilty Pleasure: Diet Coke
Favorite Wedding Movie: “Bridesmaids”

Premier Bride Milwaukee Doodle Mascot Jordy


Chief Morale Officer
“BFF to Everyone”

I LOVE anything outdoors. Swimming, hiking, running…
Best Part of Your Job: I get to meet cool people, have my tummy rubbed and ears scratched. The best is when visitors come.
Work Space Décor: It’s pretty nice. I really dig the treat bowl that is always full.
Domestic Status: Single, but always looking. I really like those doodle ladies.
Theme Song: “Who let the dogs out?”
Happy Place: Outside. Anyone want to play fetch or go for a hike? Just kidding, my mom’s a little overprotective and doesn’t like me hanging out with strangers.
Guilty Pleasure: Stealing food from my little brother in his high chair when mom’s not looking.
Favorite Wedding Movie: “27 Dresses”. I’m a sucker for a happy ending.