Welcome to the PB Rewards Program!

Win Prizes for using our local PB Vendors!

The PB Rewards program is a fun way to keep celebrating your love AFTER the wedding when all the chaos has died down and you begin your married life! Winning is easy. Here’s how it works:
Claim your PB Rewards Vendors

  1.  Sign up on our site by clicking the Signup/Sign in button in the upper right hand corner of your screen.  You’ll receive one entry just for signing up!
  2. Find your vendors an click the “Claim this Vendor” link in the blue bar for each vendor you’ve hired for your wedding.
  3. Continue until you’ve chosen all your vendors. That’s it! You can view all the vendors on your list by clicking “My Account.”
  4. Sit back and wait! Winners will be notified by phone, email and Facebook Live every Friday!

Click Here to start earning PB Rewards now!