Italian Conference Center @ Italian Community Center

631 E Chicago Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202

The Italian Conference Center located in downtown Milwaukee, has a staff that will help you plan wisely. Alan Fields, an author of wedding planning books, has determined that the reception and catering account for an average of 48% of a wedding’s cost. With that in mind, you’ll welcome the advice you’ll receive from David Stachowiak at the Italian Conference Center, which is one of Milwaukee’s most popular wedding reception sites.

David, Director of Sales, Catering and Special Events, is an expert at helping couples from all over southeastern Wisconsin spend their money wisely while planning for an important component of the most special day in their lives. But you, the wedding couple, have an important role to play in that planning effort.

When you meet with David, be prepared to share with them such information as the preferred date for your wedding, along with some alternative dates; how many people you anticipate being at the reception; an indication of how much you want to spend or, more importantly, what you’re able to spend; what size band you’ll have; and any special amenities you’re considering.
Also, show up with a list of questions. What kinds of questions? Basically, anything that’s on your minds – no matter how insignificant you think it may be.

David has helped in the planning of hundreds of weddings, so chances are good he’ll have answers to your questions at his fingertips.

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