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When your wedding day is over, have your bridal gown professionally cleaned and preserved by the experts.

Bring your gown in to one of our locations.

Each gown is evaluated before cleaning and the best process for that particular gown is used. All of the processes are safe and gentle. If you would like a consultation about your gown, please contact the manager at the location of your choice.

• The wedding box has an unbleached cotton muslin liner* for double protection.

• It is carefully hand “rold” (combination rolling & folding) with acid & lignin free tissue distributed between the layers of the dress.

• We do not seal our preservation box.

• The wedding box has a muslin cover* that can be monogrammed with initials and date.

• Store the box in a cool, dry atmosphere away from sunlight, heat and humidity. (Under the bed is a good place or an inside closet).) Do not store in an attic or basement. Attic heat can produce yellowing and basement dampness can cause mildew. Do not store your gown in any plastic bag or cardboard box that is not specifically identified as being “acid free."

• Experts suggest inspecting your gown every one to three years (how about on your anniversary) and refolding it along different lines to help prevent permanent creases. When inspecting your dress, be sure to wear the cotton gloves provided with the packaging so that oil or dirt from your skin doesn't stain the gown.

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