Bride and groom dance with guests

Happy Hour with Complete Weddings + Events


We invite couples to our studio or virtually via Zoom to chat with us and some of our professionals (DJs, photographers, videographers, etc.) and figure out what you’re still wanting/needing...

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Cherish & Matt's Backyard Pandemic Wedding

Cherish & Matt’s Backyard Pandemic Wedding


Cherish and Matt’s backyard wedding in Menomonee Falls took place in a time of pandemic, but you’d never know it! Keeping things intimate and meaningful means a small wedding at home can pack a big punch.

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Local Photographers we LOVE!


Meet Greater Milwaukee's finest wedding photographers. From engagement sessions to documenting all the lovely moments and details your wedding day!

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4 Steps to Finding Your Wedding Photographer (No Selfie-Sticks Necessary)


Years from now, you will reminisce upon your wedding, paging through your photo album nostalgically. Selecting the photographer who pieces your day together iis a vital part of preserving that day in your life. Here are four essential tips to finding the right wedding photographer for your special day.

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Behind the Lens with Wild Elegance Photography and Videography


Our Behind the Lens feature gives you a more in-depth look at each of our photographers! Meet Marie from Wild Elegance, she provides couples with natural-light adventure-infused photography for the modern couple!

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Finding a Photographer Who Fits Your Style

Finding a Photographer Who Fits Your Style


After months of fittings, tastings, and planning down to the very last detail, the day you’ve always dreamed of will seem to come and go in a blur. That’s why...

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Is it bad luck to see each other before the wedding?


Dear PB Pro, Our photographer wants to take pictures before the ceremony, but my mom says it’s bad luck! How do other couples approach the timing of their pictures these...

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New Trend: Proposal Photos


We all know about engagement and wedding photos – but what about a proposal photo?  After all, every wedding starts with a proposal and why not document that memory as well....

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