Showing Skin (The Right Way) On Your Wedding Day


Every bride wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day — and that usually means feeling a little sexy, too! But there’s a fine line between a lot of allure...

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My groom has no fashion sense – what do I do?


Dear PB Pro, My fiancee is a sweetheart, but he doesn't know the first thing about fashion. He keeps talking about seeing me in a full ball gown and tiara on our wedding day. There's no way I'm wearing a tiara and full ball gown. Tiaras are so not me, and I'm short and petite — I drown in ball gowns! I found my dream dress recently — much more form-fitting and romantic. But my fiancee keeps bringing up this ball gown vision he has. I feel bad! I don't want to disappoint him, but he just doesn't get that the princess look doesn't work for me. How do I handle this? -- Dress Stress

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