After the Wedding

Creating a budget after postponing your wedding

Creating a Budget After Postponing your Wedding


Although postponing your wedding may be the best decision for you and your guests, it will require careful planning and a re-evaluation of your budget.

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After the Wedding

After the Wedding


Now that you've had the wedding and all the planning is over, here is a list of things that need to be addressed by you and your new spouse.

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passport, ID phone, sunglasses, suitcase

After the Wedding: Name Changes and Identification Cards


Newly Weds: check your Wisconsin ID and plan ahead. Identification requirements to board a plane change in October 2020. Here's what you need to know...

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Bad Ass Anniversary Gifts

9 Badass Anniversary Gifts


So it’s your anniversary, why not go for the “OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING” jaw-to-the-floor type reaction with your gift? Here are a few ideas...

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Mind, Body and Soul

Why Mindfulness is Your New Love Hack


Mindfulness is a superpower in relationships: it has the ability to bridge what’s in your head to what is present in your life.

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After the Wedding

Life After the Wedding


Enjoy the preparations for your wedding ceremony, thrill over the dress and trousseau, the flowers, music, attendants, reception and honeymoon. 

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The Marital Send-Off: Leaving with a WOW!


Your wedding day is a story. It has a beginning, middle, and end. Like the beginning of any great story, the ceremony is there to set the tone and introduce yourselves as husband and wife. The reception comes next, and is the plot of the story. The end is your Grand Finale. The marital send off has been revived! Check out these new marital send off ideas and trends!

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Petals for Patients: A Second Act for Your Floral Arrangements


Petals for Patients gives your floral décor new life, filling the rooms of the sick and terminally ill from Milwaukee to Chicago with personally crafted bouquets. Your gently used, although well loved arrangements will continue their work of being beautiful by brightening the bedside of a deserving patient.

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lawyer discussing prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial Agreements – Before Saying “I Do” you Must First Say “I Will”


Congratulations, you’re getting married! You’ve probably spent a lot of time reviewing rings, gowns, venues, and the like, but one of the most important considerations, the prenuptial agreement, may have been completely overlooked. The “prenup” is often dismissed as a prerogative of the rich and famous, but in fact it can benefit most couples. Getting...

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Moving in Together: Sorting thru What’s His and What’s Hers


  After the honeymoon you must be thinking well now what? Well, if you hadn’t lived with your new husband before the marriage the answer is sometimes as blatant as the pile of boxes you’re buried under! You’re still fantasizing you’re on that beach in Maui with your new husband relaxing in the sun, when...

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Is now the time to rent or buy?


By Susan Pryor and Elliot Dubin Everyone has been hearing all the news about the up and downs in the housing market in recent years. Couples that are getting married have to decide whether to rent or buy with the last few years as a backdrop. The good news is that housing prices are still significantly discounted...

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