Real Weddings

Real Wedding: Andrea & Robert


University of Wisconsin is one of my favorite things about Wisconsin so when I see a wedding that incorporates the University of Wisconsin, I can barely contain my excitement!!  This...

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Real Wedding: Casey & Clint


From the time I was a little girl, my mom, like many moms around the country, laid out how things were suppose to go.  You go to college, get a...

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Real Wedding: Stephanie & Shawn


This love story begins at UW-Platteville in 2003. That’s where Stephanie and Shawn first met their freshmen year in college.  Stephanie and Shawn became good friends, and hung out with...

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Real Wedding: Holly & Ross


This wedding season has been awesome and THIS wedding made it even BETTER! Seriously, there are oodles of inspiration in this non-traditional/traditional wedding!! You read that right–it’s the only way...

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Real Wedding: Melissa & Alan


Originally from Green Bay, WI and Cleveland, OH, Melissa and Al chose a Milwaukee wedding because that is now their home. Many of Melissa’s family and friends had never been...

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Real Wedding: Mandy & Drew


Are you ready for a cheery, happy and let’s not forget ADORABLE bride?? Because THAT’s what you’re going to get with this Real Wedding story. The bride & groom, Mandy...

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Real Wedding: Katie & Dan


So you might think I’m crazy for ‘saying’ this, but I just love winter weddings! Winter makes me think of cozy fireplaces, the holidays, being with family & friends AND...

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Real Wedding: Mary & Don


Wedding plans aren’t just for the young – they’re also for the young at heart. With an increase in couples waiting to get married, more unique family blends, and second...

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Real Wedding: Jessica & Mike


The Midwest winters always seem never-ending and have very cold days which make many brides and grooms choose not to celebrate their wedding day in the depths of winter. However,...

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Real Wedding: Aleah & Donald


A girl from Racine, Wisconsin sat in front of a boy from San Luis Obispo, California on their first day of art school in Tucson, Arizona. They both went to...

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Real Wedding: Amanda & Ted


This wedding has left me speechless and that is very hard to accomplish (laughing). This is NOT a styled shoot.  Amanda IS a real bride, and that IS a real location. ...

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Real Wedding: Stephanie & Will


When a bride and groom begin planning a wedding, very often they immediately go to having a wedding in the more temperate seasons of summer or fall. We love it...

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