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Close up of couple kissing
Engagement photo of couple in woods.
Engagement image of couple by log pile by Wild Elegance Photography
Engagement photo of couple standing back to back smiling in woods.
Romantic engagement session image
Couple stand hand in hand by pond for engagement portrait by Wild Elegance Photography
Couple kiss at Boerner Botanical Garden engagement session with Wild Elegance Photography
Boho wedding flowers at Club at Lac La Belle. Flowers are coral, white and green with pampas grass. Flowers done by Bank of Flowers, Wisconsin.
Bride gets help putting her veil on
Bride poses with her bouquet from Gary Newman Designs
Bride and groom on pier at Golden Mast

Wild Elegance Photography

Bride and Flower Girl photo by Wild Elegance Photography

Wild Elegance Photography

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Wild Elegance was founded on the belief that the memories that matter are the moments between the big moments. From the little smile your grandma gives you as she walks up to get her portrait taken at your wedding, or how your partner’s face shifts when they are smiling at the camera versus when I tell them to smile at you. These are the little moments that matter and my goal is to deliver those moments as photographs. My name is Marie and I am your memory documentor, your dad-joke deliverer, and your cruise director for all of major life events. Human connection – especially your connection to other humans – matters to me, and that is what inspires me while navigating your wedding celebration. With over 20 years (oh hello, middle age) in the industry I am a calming presence in times of chaos and a jolt of high-energy fun when we need to rally the troops. I promise to tell you and your favorite people the eye-rollingest dad jokes, talk about my dogs all day, and quietly step back to take in the wonderment of your day. I cannot wait to celebrate with you.

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