Real Weddings

Real Wedding: Alexis and Sam


Alexis and Sam met when they were both living in New York City. Sam proposed in a rather nontraditional way: He left a beautiful letter on the kitchen table one...

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Real Wedding: Susan and Jason


Enchanting – that’s the word that best describes Susan and Jason’s wedding day. The couple met in 2007 when Jason swooped in to help Susan run a business. “We worked...

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Real Wedding: Alissa and Jeremy


When Alissa and Jeremy met on a spring break trip for the UW-Whitewater chapter of Habitat for Humanity in 2010, little did they know they’d someday build a home together...

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Real Wedding: Jeffrey and William


William and Jeffrey met during their freshman year of college at UW-La Crosse, where they lived two doors down from each other in the dorms. Who knew then that they would one...

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Real Wedding: Angie and Tom


Angie and Tom are Wisconsin natives who met during their freshman year at the University of Iowa. The two became fast friends but didn’t start dating for another six years....

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Real Wedding: Paige and Ryan


Paige and Ryan met through a mutual friend during Paige’s senior year of high school. The couple got engaged around Halloween, and Paige recalls Ryan’s festive way of popping the...

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Real Wedding: Jen and Eric


Jen and Eric are a couple of Ohio natives who now call Milwaukee “home.” They met at a summer barbecue during medical school, and were vacationing in August of 2013...

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Real Wedding: Veronica and Shawn


Veronica worked at the UPS Store and Shawn was a delivery driver for Speedee Delivery when the two met — adorable already, right? They chatted here and there, slowly getting...

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Real Wedding: McKenzie and Jason


McKenzie had a rule about not handing out her phone number to guys at bars — that is, before she met Jason. He had just moved to Milwaukee for his Ophthalmology residency...

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Real Wedding: Chrissy and Corey


Chrissy and Corey don’t agree on how they started dating; Chrissy says Corey was texting her late at night, and Corey says Chrissy initiated things. What they both agree on,...

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Real Wedding: Sam and Tom


I’ve always thought that having a wedding in my backyard would be a fun thing to do.  My only reluctance to do so would be that it’s just not that much...

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Real Wedding: Kelly and Nic


Kelly and Nic met at work. It was Kelly’s first job out of college, and she was still bartending part-time in Grafton. One day, Nic mentioned he would be in...

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